Advertising to Women 40 Plus is Smart

They may not wear nor look good in little Britney belly shirts but they have something far more valuable to advertisers: Money. Media basically ignores the older generation because there is a belief that brand loyalty is built early and it never changes. Simply not true says Myrna Blyth, publisher of More, a magazine targeting women, ages 40-60.

�This is an age group that remembers the way life used to be for women in their 40s and 50s and realises that life is so much better today,� Says Blyth.

She also says that women want to enjoy the life they have now, not some fantasy life that doesn't exist.

�Part of what we wanted to say is that it is not about looking young, it is about looking good, because that is how women of this age feel. It is not about wanting to be younger, it is about wanting to enjoy life at this stage, and it is a very positive stage.�

In terms of brand loyalty:

�Marketing used to say �get a consumer when she is young because she�ll stay loyal to her brand�. Well, we always say this is the most divorced generation in history. They can change their husband - they can change their brand.�

Her point is that there is a very big market out there that is very different from the media generated, stereotypical view of women, and culture in general. Women are hungry for media that address their real life needs. And, this group is a large and upscale one:

�One thing that is so interesting about this age group in the States - it�s the largest demographic and it is the richest demographic. That has never really happened before. This is a rare combination.�

So all you media buyers out there...there is life after 40 believe it or not.

Story: 'Over 40s shunned by women's magazines'


by Steve Hall    Dec- 6-02   Click to Comment   

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