AMA Wants to Ban Beer and Wine Ads from TV

AMA Goes After Beer Ads Aimed at Underage Drinkers

The American Medical Association (AMA) wants to ban beer and wine ads from prime-time television and is asking both network and cable TV to veto all ads that feature "mascots, celebrities or sports figures promoting alcohol products."

Dr. J. Edward Hill, chairman of the AMA's board of trustees, said the AMA is asking both networks and cable outlets to sign onto a voluntary agreement to hold off beer and wine ads until after 10 PM or initiate a total ban during programs that are aimed at youth--defined as a viewing audience that is at least 15% adolescents. He announced the new initiative at a press conference held in conjunction with the AMA's office of alcohol and other drug abuse.

Is this good? Maybe. Or is it just another sign of our puritanical, politically correct over reaction to everything?


Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Dec-10-02  
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