Bathroom Advertising: Good or Bad?

This, from the ever vigilant crew over at BadAds. The do have some good point to make. What ever happened to reading the paper while in the bathroom. Now we have to watch videos?

Here I Sit Broken-Hearted...

Going to the bathroom is, if you're lucky, boring. You don't want any surprises when you pull down your pants. You just want to unload the goods and get back to the real world.

Some people don't see bathrooms that way. These people � let's call them "marketers" � view the bathroom as a source of potential fun and enlightenment for those who pass through the door. All that's been missing so far is the fun, and they're more than willing to provide that fun in the form of advertisements -- because we all know nothing is more exciting when you have your pants down than looking at ads.


by Steve Hall    Dec-11-02   Click to Comment   

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