Britney Spears Sues Skechers Over Marketing Mess

Is it just me, or is Britney in one a big downward spiral? First she loses her boyfriend. Then new fans reject the sex-symbol, belly shirt thing. Then she backs out of her Nyla restaurant deal. Then Pepsi chooses Beyonce over Britney for its new advertising campaign. Then TV shows want to emulate more Avril and less Britney.

Oh, and don't forget, she is getting stalked too.

Now Spears and Skechers are suing each other because they disagree on how each party followed the marketing agreement.

What's next? A ten year, Debbie Gibson-like disappearance and a Playboy layout?

Entertainment Weekly: Britney Spears Sues Skechers Over Skates

UPDATE - BBC News: Britney Loses out to PlayStation [via MarketingFix]


by Steve Hall    Dec-27-02   Click to Comment   

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