Magazines Dish Each Other

Glossy and Greedy: Real Page-Turners (

This month, two prominent magazines have published dishy articles about nefarious doings at other prominent magazines: Vanity Fair covers the absurd rise and pathetic fall of Rosie, while GQ covers the reign of terror unleashed by a despotic honcho at the magazines published by the mega-conglomerate now known as AOL Time Warner.

So, let me issue a warning: This is a magazine review about two magazine stories about magazines. If that's too ridiculously meta for you, quit reading now. My only defense is that these stories help explain why so many of America's big corporate publishers put out such lame mags.

OK, anyone else sick of the mudslinging and name calling going on between publishers? Damn, the industry sounds like a bunch of children! Wine, wine, wine. And no, not the kind of wine you drink. Please, can we get back to the serious business of publishing?


by Steve Hall    Dec- 3-02   Click to Comment   

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