Maxim Magazine Mates With Television

Maxim Magazine is taking its winning formula of gadgets, humor, sports, and near naked women to television specials on ESPN and NBC. And that is just the beginning. Felix Dennis, owner of Dennis Publishing which publishes Maxim, says the magazine will be launching a cable channel called Maxim Entertainment Network or MEN. Cute.

This first show to air will be called "The Maxim N.F.L. Beach Bash," following the Pro Bowl and featuring the very pleasing to look at Jennifer Love Hewitt. Oh, and Orlando Jones too. Someone else will have to comment on looking at him. He doesn't do much for me. In June, the Maxim Hot 100 issue will become a one hour special on NBC.

So, there you have it. If you can't get it in print, now you can get it on TV. Isn't media great?

NYT: Can Maxim Translate to TV?

by Steve Hall    Dec-21-02   Click to Comment   

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