Online Ad to Rebound in 2003

Online Ad to Rebound in 2003

According to eMarketer's just-released Interactive Marketing: Stats, Strategies and Trends report, after two straight years of decreasing sales, US online advertising will begin recovering next year, slowly.

According to eMarketer projections, 2003 spending will rise slightly to $6.70 billion, up from $6.38 billion this year. The expected bounce-back is due to a combination of factors, including traditional marketers devoting larger slices of their ad budgets to online advertising as well as a general easing of the economic recession. By 2005, online ad expenditures will hit $8.10 billion-still less, however, than 2000's spending of $8.23 billion.

All good things take time.


by Steve Hall    Dec- 3-02   Click to Comment   

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