PETA Doesn't Like Happy Cows Ad

My father in law was a dairy farmer in upstate New York as were 5 generations before him. I have seen the dairy operation first hand. I can assure you that no cow on that farm is mistreated. What is the purpose of a cow anyway? What would PETA have us do? Stop milking and eating cows and keep them as household pets?

Sure, there are farmers who mistreat their cows. It doesn't mean all farmers are bad nor does it mean that you can't have a little fun with an ad campaign.

PETA: 'Happy Cows' Ad is a Lie

The two-year-old campaign features talking and singing cows discussing the pleasures of life in warm, sunny California. The slogan: "Great cheese comes from happy cows. Happy cows come from California." The state produces 1.6 billion pounds of cheese a year, second only to Wisconsin.

The suit, which is expected to be filed in California Superior Court, says California dairy cows live on muddy, feces- and urine-soaked lots devoid of any vegetation, not on grassy hillsides as depicted in the ads.

"Our goal with the lawsuit is to let people know that if they're consuming dairy products, they're promoting cruelty to animals," PETA's Bruce Friedrich says.

Yes, the reality of a cow's life is grim and dull. But cows are dumb, Cows like to stand around and do nothing. If they don't get milked, they get sick and die. They are not wild animals anymore that can take care of themselves on their own.

"For people who are concerned about cruelty to animals, they need to wipe dairy products off their shopping list, period," Friedrich says.

That sentiment is absolutely ridiculous. Most cows are well cared for.

But Reynolds maintains that cows' lives aren't horrible. Forty percent to 50% of California dairy cattle are raised in dairies built in the past two to three years, in which cows are well cared for so they can produce more milk, he says.

"A new dairy would be a happy place to be a cow. They have roofs to protect from summer heat and winter rain, comfortable stalls and clean bedding," Reynolds says.


by Steve Hall    Dec-11-02   Click to Comment   

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