PVR's Become More Pervasive

PVR's, DVR's, Tivo's, Replay's. Call them whatever you want but they are invading the the household. it won't be long before they are an integrated part of every cable set top box and when that sort of penetration occurs, radical shifts in marketing and advertising will happen.

DVRs Open Doors for New ad sales

As if TV executives didn't have enough to worry about just considering a future where every household contains a digital video recorder. Now consumers want multiple units in their homes.

In April, about 35% of DVR users had more than one of the devices in their home, and six months later it was 43%, said Michael Collette, CEO of Ucentric Systems, a maker of software for DVRs

Ucentric is very happy about this news because Ucentric can deliver targeted ads to set top PVR boxes that are formatted in a way that can work with the "time-shifting" nature of these devices. For example, re-packaged or original targeted programming can be sent to set top boxes separately from cable or broadcast content. This programming, of course, would be sponsored in various ways such as the typical "brought to you by" or with a product placement approach.

Whether or not this particular model succeeds, it is encouraging to see companies out there that are acknowledging the change in media consumption.

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by Steve Hall    Dec- 6-02   Click to Comment   

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