Ads Ads Ads....Advertising is Everywhere

Advertising truly is everywhere. You simply can not escape it. It is in urinals, in golf holes, on ATMS, on shopping carts and baby strollers. On police cars and in taxis. The list never ends.

The advertising industry has gone beyond all rationale when it comes to unique ad placements. The problem though is that it is self perpetuating. As one who is in the business and knows, if you don't do it, your competitor will do it first. Is it right? Maybe. Maybe not. From a business perspective, it's hard not to engage in the ever intrusive forms of advertising that you see today. I'm in the biz and I hate it. I close pop ups before they pop, delete spam before I read it, hang up on telemarketers after the telltale delay, switch to another channel or station when a commercial comes on, throw direct mail away in bulk before I even look at it. Yet, the message still gets through to me. I am still bombarded by every new product launch and stupid "new and improved" commercial.

So what am I going to do? Hide? Of course not. I'm going to come up with the next best form of ever present intrusive advertising. Let me think...I've got it...toilet paper with my client's logos on it!

Tallahassee Democrat: There's no escape from advertising, even in the backseat


by Steve Hall    Jan- 4-03   Click to Comment   

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