Bob Garfield Hates Breasts

In Bob Garfield's politically correct review of the Miller Light Cat Fight Advertisement, he says:

"This flimsy gambit to create the illusion of self-deprecation is as transparent as the Bikini Team creators' explanation of "parody" a decade ago. Has everyone forgotten how angry women were about that commercial?"

Sure this spot might be seen as demeaning but what about all the spots over the past 10 years that have portrayed men as clueless idiots? You know the ads where the husband is so stupid that he can't do this that or the other thing? How many men complained about that? None that I know of.

Bob, the spot is a joke! Get it? A joke. Ha Ha. Laugh Laugh. Have we all lost our sense of humor? Apparently so.

And is it really a breast fest? Only if you are in the ad industry and you view the spot over and over and over again on a huge screen. We've already seen the thing 30 times more than the average viewer ever will. Of course we are sick of it. Anyway, I didn't know there was a rule in advertising that states we can only use small breasted female models in our commercials.

Miller did a smart thing. They have created a PR windfall for themselves. They knew the spot would be controversial and here we are giving them all sorts of free publicity. Exactly what they intended to happen is happening.

We get way too uptight about stuff like this. It's just damn commercial for God's sake!


by Steve Hall    Jan-26-03   Click to Comment   

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