DoubleClick Study Says Online Advertising is Effective

DoubleClick's latest Ad Serving Report sheds positive light for the online advertising sector. Among the findings:

  • View-Through Rates* Increase By 47%
  • Online Advertising Gets Bigger And More Dynamic
  • Rich Media Continues To Have Higher Response Rates Than Non-Rich Media
  • Marketers Continue To Find Targeting Effective
  • Online Ads Are Becoming More Memorable

�It is encouraging to see from the data that online advertising is becoming just like any other established advertising medium, adopting techniques such as contextual targeting and dayparting, borrowed from the print and television worlds,� said Doug Knopper, Vice President and General Manager, Online Advertising Solutions, DoubleClick. �Marketers should no longer just rely on the click-through rate as a response metric; we encourage our clients to also use the view-through rate to assess post-impression response to optimize campaigns and gain a more complete picture of conversions.�

Very encouraging indeed.

* View-through rates assess users who take action within 30 days of seeing an ad, but do not click on a banner.


by Steve Hall    Jan-28-03   Click to Comment   

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