G.E. Launches $100M "Imagination at Work" Ad Campaign

BBDO will launch a new ad campaign this weekend changing its familiar "We Bring Good Things to Life" slogan to a new "Imagination at Work" slogan. The account has been handles since 1920 by BBDO, a practically unheard of length of time in this fast changing industry but one that is highly commendable.

" 'We bring good things to life' is a great line and speaks to the benefits we bring, and I was hesitant to move away from it," said Judy L. Hu, general manager for corporate advertising and marketing communications, who joined G.E. last summer from General Motors. "But we needed a new articulation that is part mission, part vision and part strategy."

The slogan is changing because research has shown that audiences identify G.E. too closely to its lighting division and does no convey the strengths G.E. has in other areas such as medical technology, robotics, media and financial services.

Changing the theme of a campaign that has been so deeply embedded is highly risky yet the company feels they must do so to correctly represent the brand.

I wish them the best.

NYT: G.E. to Spend $100 Million Promoting Itself as Innovative


by Steve Hall    Jan-16-03   Click to Comment   

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