Pre-Mature Marketing

I'm sure you have all heard of Channel One and also that Coke and Pepsi place soda machines in schools. Have you also heard that McDonalds' stages mock job interviews in school just so they can display their logo to the unbranded youth?

In the article, "Unbranding Our Schools", author Alissa Quart tells the story of Tristan Kading who, when in highschool, got suspended because he accused McDonald's of stealth branding and lying about it's products. Also in the article is the story of students in Readfield Maine who have created a play that pokes fun at our ridiculously commercial society.

What was shocking to me, even being in the business, is how much marketing is taking place in middle and highschool. Marketers have placed logos on the roofs of schools, placed plaques in the hallways, offered field trips to marketers locations that include coupon promotions, and the soda companies have the well known "pouring contracts" that actually pay schools more if students drink more of the fattening crap.

When is too much marketing too much? For God's sake, let children grow up in peace. Their minds will be screwed with soon enough. Give them them time to develop themselves as an individual rather then forcing them to define themselves based on what soft drink they consume!


by Steve Hall    Jan-12-03   Click to Comment   

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