Reality TV is Crack TV?

"North Korea continues amassing a nuclear cache. The country is on the verge of war. That's reality. But it's not spiking the ratings on prime time."

So summarizes an article in Business Week about Reality TV and how it is taking us over and pushing far more important issues to the side. The article likens it to Crack. The ride is great on the way up but it's a bad fall on the way down.

Why do we like it?

"By vaulting nobodies into overnight celebrities, these shows appeal to the flip side of America's fascination with stardom: people's secret resentment at being shut out of Hollywood's seven-carat system. Reality TV is revenge for the regular Jane and Joe."

All well and good but it may end in with a very big and collective withdrawl.


by Steve Hall    Jan-31-03   Click to Comment   

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