Stupid Reactions to Pre-Superbowl Ads

Referring to the Miller Lite Cat fight ad, Laura Ries, a brand consultant, told USA TODAY, "Every time I see (the beer ad), I cringe. It's degrading. And, the dancing "Joe Boxer" ad has offended some African-Americans. William Jelani Cobb, an assistant professor of history at Spelman College, told The Washington Post: "To depict a black man this way, it's just 'coonery'."

Degrading? Coonery? Please? Get the hell over it. They are just ads. They are just fun. They are supposed to be funny. Why is there so much over reaction? Can't people take a joke? Can't anyone have any fun any more?

View the Miller Lite ad here. (right click and save, then open)
USA Today: Lighten up: It's just a TV ad


by Steve Hall    Jan-23-03   Click to Comment   

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