TV Executives Should Take Risks

According to a new study by Miller Williams, Inc. television executives are losing in the long run by concentrating so heavily on programming to the latest trend versus listening to what their audiences really want. Ad revenue is up short term but networks are losing viewers. The cycle can't continue forever.

�By examining behavioral patters of viewers and determining what drives them to watch certain programs, television networks are better able to keep viewers loyal and gain new viewers. This in turn provides them with valuable information to share with corporate advertisers so they can more effectively target their messages,� the report states.

Kind of goes along with what I have said before on this. Even though television executives are doing their jobs by programming to the fad of the moment, viewers will tire of this long before execs and producers can get the next new thing lined up. It would pay to perhaps do some audience research that might identify what audiences would like to see rather then just programming as a knee jerk reaction to ratings.
[via MediaDailyNews]


by Steve Hall    Jan-24-03   Click to Comment   

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