Ad Age Weekly Review of Interesting Commercials

This week in Ad Age's TV Spots of the Week, take a look at the new spot from Doritos illustrating how easy it is to eat their junk from the new "Pringles-like" container. That, and weird beer, mannequins ogling a Mercedes, newscasters acting stupid, and odd characters in a bar. --------
by Steve Hall    Feb-17-03    

The New Marc Jacobs Ad

The new Winona Ryder Marc Jacobs ad:-)

[via Gawker via SALTY]

by Steve Hall    Feb-17-03    

Blogger's New Look?

The new Blogger acording to Jason Kottke:

by Steve Hall    Feb-17-03    

Fox News Ad Alarms The Nation's Subscribers

Fox News, labeled conservative, placed and an in the magazine. The Nation, labelled liberal and all hell broke loose. the publication received 250 angry letters, emails, and phone calls as well as 50 requests for subscribtion cancellation.

"The words that they're using are outraged, shocked, confused, absolutely appalled, dismayed and dumbfounded," said Ellen Bollinger, vice president for advertising at the magazine.

Nation readers: There's this thing called separation of church and state. Have you heard of it? Well it applies to advertising too. Ever seen the phrase, "The views expressed by advertisers are not necessarily the views of the publisher"?

by Steve Hall    Feb-17-03    

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Demos: Boomer, Gen X, Gen Y

Demographic Segments in the US, 2000 (millions)

Baby Boomers (1946-1965) 83.0 mm
Generation X (1966-1982) 59.0 mm
Generation Y (1983-Present) 72.0 mm
Source: eMarketer/US Census Bureau 2002

While I know about the above three demographic segments, seeing them together like that makes me say, "What's the next one?" Baby Boomers span 19 years. Gex X spans 15 years. Gen Y has no official "end date" and is running on 20 years. Seems to me like we are already into Gen Z. Granted, the average age of a Gen Z'er is between 0 and 6, they don't quite have the purchasing power at this point that would interest any advertiser.

My point is that another shift is about to happen. Who will these people be? What will their media habits be? Will they know what a record is? A modem? Having to watch a TV program at a set time? No, they won't. Will we be ready for them? At this point, no. When you have television executives saying that using Tivo is stealing, I wonder if we will ever get there.

Plan ahead. Old media is dying. New media isn't here yet. This is exciting!

by Steve Hall    Feb-17-03    

Advertising Job Hunter Uses Billboard

An unemployed advertising executive in Germany posted his resume on a billboard and received about 100 inquiries.

"Having gone through all the traditional job-hunting methods, there really only was one thing remaining," he told the Berliner Zeitung newspaper.

The power of advertising.

by Steve Hall    Feb-17-03    

Online Advertising Headlines

From MarketingFix:

Salon's Death Imminent?
Could a Public Google Save the Stock Market?
Geotarging Search
Outdoor Billboard Ad Nets Job Results
Web Marketing Like Mom Made
More Signs of E-Ad Recovery
Valentine's Reflection on Personal Ads
UK Tobacco Ban Acknowledges Internet's Global Reach
Reaching the At Work Audience With the Internet
Anti Spammer Launches Spamming Campaign

by Steve Hall    Feb-17-03    

More on Google Buying Blogger

Tony Pierce has a great summary of how the news spread from the event they were at when it was announced (Blogoshpere) all the way through to the mainstream press who failed miserably in picking up the news. Even explaining why Blogger is such a powerful addition to Google's news gathering efforts. The only complaint I have, is that he left me out of his list of how the news spread. I posted it 20 minutes after founder, Evan Williams, made his announcement from Blogosphere after seeing the Dan Gilmore column.

No hard feelings:-)

Also, Evan Williams offers his thoughts on the the acquisition.

by Steve Hall    Feb-17-03