Advertisers Hop on the Reality TV Bandwagon

Not wanting to risk losing reach the the important 18-34 and 18-49 target, major advertisers such as Burger King, Visa, Chrysler, Coke, and Pfizer have placed ads in Fox's 'Joe Millionaire'.

ABC is selling reality show package deals too:

ABC is selling advertisers on the concept that reality shows can add reach to their buys. For example, a three-show buy of ABC's According to Jim, Life With Bonnie and The Bachelorette increases an advertiser's adults 18-34 reach by 36 percent over a package that includes the first two shows, plus George Lopez and The Practice. "That's a pretty big deal," said Mike Shaw, ABC Sales President.

"Reality shows are bringing in more 18-34 viewers, who are light TV viewers and may not usually be watching TV at all," said one media buyer. That fact isn't lost on Shaw. "This is a big opportunity for the networks to get these younger viewers to sample some of our other shows," said the ABC sales chief. "They are tomorrow's viewers."

Will the fad continue?

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Feb- 3-03  
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