Advertising Partnership: Condoms, Coffee, and Scooters

There is never an end to interesting co-marketing and advertising partnerships. now, we have Italian Scooter maker, Vespa, teaming with condom maker, Trojan in a new ad campaign with the predictable taglines, "Ride Safely" and "Let's Get It On" Ha Ha.

How does coffee "fit in"? Oh, sorry for the pun. Starbucks will display POP material featuring the scooter and the condom. There will be a sweepstakes to win a trip to Italy and a Vespa. Also, 100 Starbucks will have actual Vespas on display, Vespa/Starbucks Card, and a "Passion Patrol" that will ride Vespas around cities handing out Starbucks Coffee. Nifty.

Here's my contribution:

"Put It On, Get On, And Ride Me Baby."

Way too wordy, you say? That's why I'm not a copywriter. [via Ad Age]


Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Feb-25-03  
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