Coke's Future: Brand Driven Content

"The television executives among us ... better recognise, you are prisoners of media fragmentation and proliferation and the changing media consumption habits of younger generations," Mr Heyer said. "And the agency executives among us ... your model is in need of a wholesale redefinition ... your future will be in working with, not against, content creators. Agencies should be quarterbacking [directing] the collaborations ... most undermine them."

That's the view of Coca-Cola Co's chief operating officer, Steven Heyer. Sounds like he is endorsing 'advertainment' and product placement to me. The buzzword for this is "brand-driven content". Whether this buzz takes us down the 'advertainment' or product placement road or some yet to be discovered road no one knows. But it will certainly be exciting to watch.

by Steve Hall    Feb-12-03   Click to Comment   

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