Hot or Not Website Creators May Sue ABC

Before the flesh fest that has become ABC's Are You Hot?, there was, a website where you can rate the "hotness" of men and women...kinda like what you can now do on the ABC show.

The creators of the web version, James Hong and Jim Young son't think there's anything wrong with the aBC show they just don't like ABC using the phrase "Hot or Not".

"The issue would not be whether this type of show can go forward," Susan Hollander, an attorney for the two men, tells USA Today. "In the show they are using various forms of 'Hot or Not' in the introduction as well as in the 'Hot or Not' flashing section. We're considering whether there is the possibility of infringement."

Hong and Young have sent ABC a cease and desist letter.

I wonder though if they should just keep quiet and be happy with all the extra traffic they are getting to their site from people who think they are going to ABC's site.

by Steve Hall    Feb-20-03   Click to Comment   

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