Magazines Make Advertising Plans for the War

The major newsweeklies have come up with some proactive plans on how they will handle advertisers if a war breaks out with Iraq. The magazines have received notice from several advertisers that they want ads pulled if shooting starts. So the magazines are reacting in hopes of keeping ad schedules. Some will create separate sections, in essence, dividing the magazine in two: war section and non-war section. Each magazine has it's own plan:

U.S. News and World Report is taking this approach by developing a second section that will have it's own cover and table of contents and will contain no war news.

Newsweek will allow advertisers to move ads into non-war editorial sections.

Time will not make any changes to their format. While U.S. News and World Report and Newsweek have had advertisers indicate canceling schedules in the event of war, Time has not had any advertiser pull out or threaten to. [via USA Today]

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Feb-25-03  
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