New Teen Mags Go For Sex Appeal Over Substance

"We appeal to an independent girl with enough self-confidence to wear our body-conscious and provocative clothing."

So says the marketing director of Hotkiss, which advertises in the new Teen Vogue.

Along with teen Vogue, we now have CosmoGIRL and ELLEGirl all claiming to preach "girl power". For advertisers, this is great. This is where the demographic bulge is...young teens.

The problem is, this just starts all the stereotypes earlier in life. Be sexy and you will succeed. Girl power seems to equate to fashion more then it does to making a real achievement in life like learning to fly an airplane as one girl does in this USA Today article does.

Our society is plastic enough as it is. How about some substance?

by Steve Hall    Feb-20-03   Click to Comment   

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