Sony Says Consolidation Leads to Bland TV

Sony Pictures and MediaCom claim that it is over consolidation that has led the glut of "bland" programming such as the latest fad of reality shows.

Sony and MediaCom are part of the Coalition for Program Diversity. The Coalition for Programming Diversity will ask the FCC to require that 25% of all prime time network programming be independently produced.

"Reality programming targeted for youthful demographic audiences has become the preferred form of low-budget network programming," said the CPD in the FCC filing.

CPD wants a return to the "fin-syn" rules which governed the networks financial interest in syndicating originally produced series.

"In this unregulated environment, the commission's goals of promoting diversity and competition are being trumped by the networks' obsession with increased profit margins," wrote the coalition.

"Predictably, the blandness and sameness of that programming attracts smaller audience shares -- and that in turn forces the broadcast advertiser to pay more for less audience reach. Ultimately, this nexus results in a double negative for both the advertising industry and consumers," the CDP filing stated.

If this does anything in the way of reducing the plethora of reality television, I am all for it.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 4-03   Click to Comment   

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