The At Work Internet Audience

Regarding the new report from eMarketer, �An Elephant in the Room: The Online At-Work Audience�, Greg Bassett, VP of New Business Development at PinPoint Media questions its relevance in saying, �Television dayparts exist because of the number of people seeing your ad on TV,� he says. �A 30-sec spot after midnight is viewed by fewer people then during prime time, for instance, yet both ads run regardless. Online you are paying for impressions. If no one is online then your ad does not run, unlike TV. Therefore the number of people seeing the ad could not reach the levels committed to by the sites without the heavy usage during the day. So it is not a daypart at all. This is just another example of the industry not understanding what it does best. Deliver ads to real people. Something TV can't always say is true.�

Supporting the study's relevance is Michael Zimbalist, Executive Director of the OPA. He says, �It�s about getting the right frequency to the right person when they�re in the right frame of mind.� And �the exclusivity of media is higher during the day -- if someone is working at 3 in the morning, they may be distracted.�

Clearly, daytime is the Internet's prime time. Whether the self managing impression level delivery model is more important than frame of mind, exclusivity model is open for debate.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-20-03   Click to Comment   

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