Tough Times Ahead For NBC

With Fox and other network's reality shows crushing NBC, the network will need to move quickly to find winning replacements for its aging series if it wants to stay alive in the ratings game.

"Developing a reality franchise that can replicate the cultural phenomenon of programs like American Idol, The Bachelor and Survivor is imperative for all the networks, but for NBC in particular," said John Rash, svp/director of broadcast negotiations for Campbell Mithun.

But is a reality show the long term solution or just the quick fix? There was an article today's New York Times that questions the future of the whole reality genre since, if we go to war and TV becomes 24/7 news, reality will really become reality. In other words, will "fake" reality shows become a bad taste in everyone's mouths when all we see are body bags coming home?

Reality programming is a popular fad right now. There will always be a niche for it but many networks are putting too many eggs in one basket right now in my opinion. But, hey, I just right a stupid weblog. The network execs and agency big wigs are the top honchos so they must know best, right?

Facing Up to the Fall

by Steve Hall    Feb-10-03   Click to Comment   

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