UK Agency Takes Ethical Position

"Advertising is a heinous industry in many ways, and the people who work in it have a poor reputation," he explains. "I hate advertising that talks down to you, or shouts loudly. And a lot of laziness has crept in � the number of so-called copywriters who can't write drives me mad."

That's how Eighty Twenty founder and chairman, Loz Simpson sees it. His agency's position calls for them to deal only with ethical clients, to never create advertising that offends, and to donate one fifth of their time and profits to good causes.

"I firmly believe that the world is ready for more ethical behavior," co-founder, Max Burt explains. "Social responsibility is fast moving up the corporate agenda. Why shouldn't this extend to advertising and agencies, too?"

He's right.

by Steve Hall    Feb-10-03   Click to Comment   

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