Ventura to Host Talk Show on MSNBC

Jesse Ventura, former Govenor of Minnesota announced on NBC's "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" that he will host a political talk show five nights a week.

"I don't know if they're ready for me yet", Ventura said.

He will focus the show to the younger 18-34 demo which he credited as largely supporting his election in 1998.

"A lot of young people came out to vote who don't normally [do so]," he said. "I believe right now they are not paying attention to government and politics because there is no one to entertain them. . . .

"I'm going to try to educate them, entertain them and tell the people the truth."

Just sounds like more idiotic grunting and groaning to me.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 6-03   Click to Comment   

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