Volkswagen Has a Big PR Problem

In this Boston Globe article, Royal Ford outlines an ignition coil problem with most VW's and Audis built after 2000. Apparently VW will not replace the coils unless they fail. Well, failure means your car just randomly stops working no matter where you are. Not a very good image to have as a car manufacturer. I don't know who handles the PR for either VW or Audi but Arnold in Boston, who has the VW account, may have some damage control to do on this from the marketing front.

I own a 1999 Passat and love it. I have owned two VW's before that. Like most cars, they do have their quirks. A faulty ignition, however, is not a quirk. It is a safety issue and why VW has not instituted a recall for the problem is beyond me. Even the dealers are throwing their hands up in frustration.

Arnold has done an amazing job bringing VW back from near death. If this problem is allowed to continue, there will be serious brand equity problems that will take years to overcome.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 1-03   Click to Comment   

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