It's Crazy Ad Week! Nokia's Spinning Kitty

There is definitely a trend here in advertising. I don't know what to call it. Maybe "grossvertising" or "sexvertising" or "orgasmertising". Whatever it is, I love it. It's hilarious. Of course, some of them are real and others are spoofs. It's all good though. First, we have Jenna Jameson in the Pony ads, then the Gucci Crotch Shot Ad, then Miller Lite's Cat Fight Ad, then Puma's Splooge Ad...and now...the Nokia Spinning Kitty!

That is actually a cat swinging around on a ceiling fan. Click the pic and watch to see what happens to the poor cat...and how Nokia fits into this whole thing. Don't worry cat lovers, it's just a spoof. Nokia doesn't hate Kittys. Video is a 476KB mpeg [via Adverb]

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Mar-11-03  
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