More Miller Catfight Ads...with Guys

This could so easily have been predicted. You all remember the Miller Light Cat Fight Ads that aired earlier this year. Well, now there are more. And this time they will feature guys removing their tops and displaying the typical six pack (hey now there's a pun). View the spot here.

Apparently, Miller received 2,500 complaint from the original Cat Fight spot so what do they do? They come out with a "guy" version. Or, should I say, a version for the ladies. In the spot, two guys are about to start fighting but then they get all "sensitive". One of the guys says, "I'd really like to start communicating better."

Oh please...can't they just beat the shit out of each other like the girls did in the mud wrestling spot? Now that would, at least, be "equal" time.

Even as Miller gets all politically correct on us, they know what the guys want to see so there will also be a new Catfight spot featuring Kitana Baker, the Playboy centerfold who was one of the catfighters in the first ad. Get your TiVos ready.[via USA Today]

by Steve Hall    Mar-17-03   Click to Comment   

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