Nokia Spinning Kitty Ad Created by Ad Agency But Not Approved by Client

So the Nokia Spinning Kitty Ad was, in fact created by an ad agency but not approved to air by Nokia. The ad agency in question apparently decided to release the spot anyway. The following is a press release from Nokia:

Nokia is aware of the video material portraying a cat and a Nokia mobile phone, which is being distributed on the Internet. The footage has not been used in our advertising and it is not an official Nokia advertisement.

The offending footage had been proposed to Nokia by an external party but we had categorically rejected it as it neither complies with the ethical standards of the company nor reflects the policies and principles of our advertising.

While the external creators who have created the material have assured us that trick photography was used and no animal was harmed, this does not detract from the distasteful nature of the content. In any event, we deeply regret the discomfort and concern that the circulation of this material may have caused.

Following investigations on the matter, Nokia�s external advertising agency has apologised for the oversight made by their subcontractors and for the embarrassment that this may have caused.

"They have also assured us that they will take all necessary action to ensure that circulation of the video material is stopped and that all further production and material created for Nokia will adhere strictly to Nokia�s ethical standards and advertising policies", said Kari Tuutti, Vice President, Communications, Nokia Mobile Phones.


by Steve Hall    Mar-31-03   Click to Comment   

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