The Great Cross Media Effectiveness Debate

Over on the other weblog I have, MarketingFix, and on a discussion forum I belong to, a great debate has raged on about a study referenced in the post below that concluded a very enlightening fact about the mix of offline and online media: that the shift of media dollars from offline (specifically TV) to online increased schedule delivery. You can read about it here. Several people chose to rip apart the methodology of the study without having reviewed the actual study. But my friend and co-blogger on MarketingFix, Rick Bruner, pointed out very gracefully that research is directional. And that taken in combination with other factors, it can be very valuable. It will never answer all the questions. There is always a margin for error. But the fact remains, there is indicative evidence that moving media dollars to the web will increase the delivery of your media schedule. Read up on it and decide for yourself

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Mar- 6-03  
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