Barry White Gets Pissed at the Copywriter During a Recording Session

Love out takes. Mack Simpson over at Adverb is a copywriter in Texas. He works on some pretty well known accounts. He found some outtakes from a recording session for a radio spot for Paul Quinn College in Dallas Texas. The college was able to get Barry White to do voice over. As with most recording sessions, things did not go all that smoothly. Barry gets a bit pissed at the copywriter. Give it a listen here.


by Steve Hall    Apr-10-03   Click to Comment   

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Since this link was first posted, over three years ago, Adverb suffered a massive data crash and has since been rebuilt (6 Million Dollar Man-style).

The link to the Barry White outtakes, mentioned in Steve's post above, can now be found here:

Posted by: Mack Simpson - Adverb on May 12, 2006 12:09 PM