Exam Room Advertising

Did you think there was any place left that was advertising free? Well, there is, but not for long. It's the doctor's exam room and you may soon see ads plastered all over the your tongue depressor, bandage, and that paper that covers the exam table.

Supply Marketing Inc., a small upstart, is apparently going to make this happen.

"While XYZ's brand is on the paper, there's no competition," said Robert L. Robinson Jr., CEO of Supply Marketing. "We know it's going to be seen - there's nothing else to look at" in an examining room.

Wonderful. So now instead of being worried about where the doctor is going to probe us, we can stress out about all kinds of ad messages screaming at us.

Imagine a Trim Spa ad screaming, "Look at that fat body of yours, you slob! Get Trim Spa and loose that flab!"

by Steve Hall    Apr-28-03   Click to Comment   

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