L Magazine: A Guide to Manhattan Neighborhood Life

Found on Gawker, Aaron Bailey of 601am did some digging around on the yet to be launched 'The L Magazine'. From the magazine's minimalist web site:

"A city is meant to be strolled. To lose one�s way, to lose one�s purpose in New York City is to let the street names signify our communal history, our public space, and our shared urban experience. This spirit, the excitement of the flaneur, informs �The L Magazine� as we provide a simple guide to our life in New York City.

In �The L Magazine� you�ll find a comprehensive list of the events in the city, in addition to a select composite of each neighborhood. However, we leave the reviews to reviewers, society hijinks to the chattering classes. Our subject is the city itself�vignettes that try to capture the colorful history hidden within the living archive of each sidewalk. Our editorial features investigate New York City subjects in a variety of forums, and playfully explore our different urban routines. Each event that we list, each venue we describe, seeks to show one more element of this New York City. A city built, event by event, moment to moment, into the carnival we experience each day."

How's that for an editorial description?

by Steve Hall    Apr-14-03   Click to Comment   

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