Levis Spoof Spew Ad

Here we have another (albeit, not new) in the increasingly long line of spoof ad campaigns. This one is from...oh sorry...not from...but done by someone who really really loves their Levis. Highly doubt this came from Levis but will that stop us from talking about it? Stop us from watching it? Stop Levis from complaining about it? Stop Levis from sending out Cease and Desist letters. No, no, no, and no. So...here is is...the Levis Jack Off Ad. Don't watch this if seeing guys do what they do when they need to do it offends you. Click picture to watch. Right click and download may work better. (1.5MB Quicktime) [via TTR2]

UPDATE: This is not new. And I should have known. It was posted 4 months ago on the other site I run, MarketingFix. I never promised Adrants would be completely accurate:-)


by Steve Hall    Apr-10-03   Click to Comment   

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