Magazine Guru Pumps Up The Volume

Hearst Magazine's EVP, Michael Clinton gave the keynote speech at Tuesday's New York Magazine Day. He thinks the practice of agencies announcing a one book buy, then letting the rest of the field fight to get on the buy is "cancerous". And, he says the world of television has it's boxers in a bunch about TiVo and that the magazine industry should band together taking advantage of the scare.

"TiVo scares TV people," said Clinton. "In our business you have the simple and powerful fact that the consumer has made a commitment to the product. At the end of the day they have put their hard earned money on the table for the magazine that they want and in all but a few instances that's not true in other media. Our universe is a lot bigger and when you're vying for attention in this world that $3 or $3.50 makes all the difference."

by Steve Hall    Apr-30-03   Click to Comment   

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