Reality TV Goes to the Movies

It had to happen sooner or later. Reality TV is going to the movies. New Line Cinema has produced a movie called "The Real Cancun". Set up like MTV's "The Real World", the movie is based on the experiences of 16 guys and girls on an all expenses paid spring break. There were no private moments. Cameras were there 24 hours a day.

"It just seemed to us that there was an opportunity to take a form of entertainment that is really working on cable and prime time and bring it to the big screen," said Jonathan Murray, the film's lead producer. "Spring break has been a staple of youth movies since the 1950's. We decided it would look good on the big screen and doing it this way would give audiences something they don't get on television, which is, quite frankly, some nudity, some sexual situations and language that's more realistic and honest."

"It's not just a booze fest," said director Rick de Oliveira. "It's not just 'Girls Gone Wild.' There are no competitions, no winners, no voting off islands. Instead there are the stories of what happened to these people during this week. What we have done here is not a documentary, but it's not a sex comedy like 'American Pie,' either."

So what is it, Rick, a Miramax period piece?

by Steve Hall    Apr-23-03   Click to Comment   

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