Shannon Doherty Hosts New Reality Series

Although she doesn't call it a reality show, Shannon Doherty of Charmed and Beverly Hills 90210 fame is hosting a show called Scare Tactics. The show puts people in arranged situations that are designed to scare the crap out of them. Shannon participates in some of the pranks as well.

"I don't really think of 'Scare Tactics' as a reality show," she says, "in the same way I don't put 'The Jamie Kennedy Experiment' in the reality-show category. Because he's on a network, he can't get away with as much as we can. We're sort of the extreme side of that. As long as nobody's getting hurt and everybody's having a good time doing it, it's something to be proud of. It's also fun to watch."

So why do this show?

"I didn't necessarily want to do another TV show," she says, "but if I did, it had to be something I could feel connected to really powerfully. At the same time, you want a paycheck coming in. 'Scare Tactics' came up, and I only have to work six days out of the year on it. That's just for the hosting, then I have the option to be involved in the pranks. It leaves me plenty of time to do other things."


by Steve Hall    Apr- 1-03   Click to Comment   

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