UK Thong Ad Causes Complaints

The UK has a body called the Advertising Standards Authority that accepts public comment on advertising and can enact directives on advertisers who, in the eyes of the public, cross certain lines of acceptability. This week it's an ad for Sloggi underwear that shows the rear view of three women in thongs.

The 18 complaints received to date appear to have the common theme that the ad is sexist. Since when is wearing a thong sexist? It's underwear. Granted it's highly attention getting underwear but it's still underwear that apparently many women like to wear. Not to mention the many men who like to see women wearing thong underwear. And women know this. Which is part of the reason women wear thongs in the first place.

So what's sexist about being sexy? [via Sky News]


by Steve Hall    Apr-14-03   Click to Comment   

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