It Seems Cinema Advertising is OK With Movie Patrons

A new study out by Arbitron entitled, "The Arbitron Cinema Study", found U.S. audiences claim pre-movie advertising is more interesting than TV and more acceptable than Internet advertising. Also, 86% recall seeing ads prior to a movie.

"Worldwide, nearly a billion dollars is spent in cinema advertising, little of it in the U.S.," Pierre Bouvard, president, New Ventures, Arbitron Inc., said in a statement. "Our research indicates cinema audiences are open to advertising, and represent a large and highly attractive target audience for advertisers. The U.S. cinema advertising market is poised for growth." Yea, and I just can't wait to wait even LONGER for a movie to start!

Additional survey findings:

  • Cinema delivers advertising frequency, reaching an attentive core audience that is highly educated, active and is much more likely to have a household income of above $75,000.
  • Moviegoers are 85% more likely to pay $35,000 or more for a vehicle and 70% more likely to lease or buy a luxury vehicle.
  • Frequent moviegoers are 50% more likely to spend $150 or more on their cellular phone bill and 41% more likely to be in the market for a cell phone.
  • Among frequent moviegoers, DVDs are 73% more likely to be purchased, video games 52% and digital cameras 44%.


by Steve Hall    May-14-03   Click to Comment   

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