Jane Magazine Links Promotions to Purchases

Jane Magazine has an interesting sponsorship package that requires readers to actually buy advertisers products. In a promotion called, "Jane Makes You Famous", participants enter the purchased product's UPC into a section on the publication's web site and are entered into a contest. The winner gets $1,000 and a page in the magazine to write an article of their own.

Since the launch of the promotion, ad pages have gone up 29% and ad revenue has increased 52%.

Jane will continue with the success of it's UPC based promotions with a campaign in the Fall called, "Fly With Jane", that will give away airline trips and another called, "Jane Live From Where You Live", giving entrants the chance to win a concert in their backyard or at a local bar.

Could the offline industry be heading in the direction of online accountability? That would be a good thing.

by Steve Hall    May-14-03   Click to Comment   

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