Jennifer Anniston Complains Redbook Gave Her a Big Head

Along the lines of the Kate Winslet/GQ photomanipulation mini-scandal, Jennifer Anniston is freaking out about having a big head. Isn't her head big, anyway?

"Look at the picture -- the head is a lot larger than the body," say her publicist, Steven Huvane.

Anniston claims her current photo on the cover of Redbook magazine was compiled from several file photos, was heavily doctored, and was not authorized by her. She is considering legal action and says she will no longer pose for the magazine. That could be a big problem since Anniston is currently the biggest cover draw driving up the newstand sales of any magazine she appears on. I don't know why. She really isn't that particulary beautiful.

That aside, the magazine claims the photo is legit and was taken during her tour for her 2002 film, "The Good Girl". The magazine also claims, "the only things that were altered in the cover photo were the color of her shirt and the length of her hair, very slightly, in order to reflect her current length."

Anniston doesn't buy that explanation and goes further claiming some of the body parts in the photo are not even her own. This issue is on newstands now. Check it out for yourself. [via MediaLife]

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by Steve Hall    May-15-03   Click to Comment   

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