Kelly Gets 'Practice' Back But Hacks Stars From Cast

Stranger things have happened and ER survived innumerable cast changes only to keep on going. A week ago, ABC gave the nod to Kelly that his television show, 'The Practice' would not be cancelled after all and will move back to it's original Sunday 10PM timeslot. But there had to be significant budget cuts. Intruigingly, Kelly decided to cut the cast to achieve that. Leaving the show are Dylan McDermott (Bobby Donnell), Lara Flynn Boyle (Helen Gamble), Kelli Williams (Lindsay Dole) and Lisa Gay Hamilton (Rebecca Washington), Marla Sokoloff (Lucy Hatcher) and Chyler Leigh (Clare Wyatt).

There's never a dull moment with a David E. Kelly production and this certainly qualifies as a not dull moment. Kelly was the one to make the decision to cut the cast. Some may return for limited story arcs and some new characters may be added but 'The Practice' as we now it has changed forever. [via MediaLife]

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     May-20-03  
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