More Talk on the Death of the :30

"PVRs are not going to go away and video on demand is increasingly going to challenge traditional television advertising," said Aditya Kishone, an analyst with the Yankee Group.

We keep hearing more and more along those lines of thinking. It's time is coming, some think.

"It's not a very rapid change. It will be years before the 30-second commercial is laid to rest, but the value of that commercial will steadily go down (sooner)," Kishone said.

TiVo, interactive television, and video on demand. All these new technologies are slowly taking a bite out of the age old :30 advertising model. Advertising will be come more user-requested than it's current intrusive nature. Marketers will have to learn that it is a conversation that needs to occur between corporate America and consumers rather than corporations shouting down from on high about their product benefits.

How about blogging? How about starting a conversation on a corporate weblog where both positive and negative are discussed? Where users of the product and the company's brand stewards actually talk to one another about the product? Where the conversation isn't sugar coated and the realities of the product and product usage benefits both sides? Sure, there's discussion groups out there now but corporations steer clear of them. The conversations are already out there. The corporations just need become active participants in those conversations because the days of talking AT people versus talking WITH people are drawing to a close.

by Steve Hall    May- 6-03   Click to Comment   

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