Not Enough Bucks For Hilary's Butt

It's really hard finding good pictures of Hilary Duff since her butt is her best feature and there aren't many pictures showing her butt. Oops, that's commentary for my other blog, heh. Seriously, Hilary has been booted from her television show because she wants $100,000 per episode as opposed to her current $15,000. Disney doesn't want to pay. I say pay it to her. She's pleasing enough to look at. Oh, sorry again, she's 15. I meant to say she's cute and adorable.

So anyway, she's got a movie. It did pretty well. Naturally she's using that as leverage to get more dough for her show. Disney isn't buying and is cancelling the show. Strangely, back in December, Disney also made mention of canceling her show so how do you cancel a show twice?

All is not lost. For a sequel to her current movie, Disney will give her $4M, 4% of the gross, and $500K if the movie grosses $50M plus. But Duff (or her greedy handlers) want the $500K no matter what the movie does. So, it's still no deal.

She will do fine though. She has two other movies in the works one of which will be out for the holidays and the other out next year.

by Steve Hall    May-27-03   Click to Comment   

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