Old Spice Takes Advantage of Town's 'Armpit' Status

Battle Mountain, Nevada was named in a humorous Washington Post article as the armpit of America. The town has taken advantage of it's status by erecting a a billboard on I-80 that reads, "Battle Mountain, Voted the Armpit of America by the Washington Post," and "Make Battle Mountain Your Next Pit Stop."

Of course, a marketer had to take advantage of this as well. Old Spice will sponsor the town's now annual "Festival of the Pit" but will, of course, rename the event, "Old Spice's Festival in the Pit."

The town first had the event last year just after being named and had events such as the deodorant toss. Old Spice will now sponsor the event annually.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     May-13-03  
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