PUMA Gets Marketing Help Following 'Those Ads'

You remember those ads. The ones that caused every one and their brother to post them on their web site. The ones that caused us all to wonder if they were fake or a well planned viral campaign. The ones that caused PUMA to send out cease and desist letters to those of us who just didn't want to let the joke go. If you need to refresh your memory, get the whole story here.

Following that particular marketing "mess", PUMA has hired Arnold Brand Promotions and Magnet Communications, in Boston, to handle public relations and promotional marketing.

"We chose [Arnold] because they had a combination of brand promotions and public relations under one roof," said Barney Waters, Puma's director of marketing in Westford, Mass. "They obviously had experience in the type of tour we were looking to execute."

More likely, they know how to clean that girls leg off while saving the brand's image.

OK, the real reason PUMA hired the two groups is to launch a Summer promotion to serious runners that will feature a mobile runner evaluation-mobile. [via AdWeek]


by Steve Hall    May-25-03   Click to Comment   

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